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Featured Listings

Featured Listings on TMC Finder


Higher Ranking & Get More Clicks to your Website

As well as our standard free listings we also offer Featured Listings which give significantly more exposure for your travel management company.

We receive thousands of visitors every month with over 90% coming organically from Google.


The Benefits of a Featured Listing

Featured Listings get all of the same benefits of a standard listing on the TMC Finder business travel search directory plus:

✓ Promoted on home page ‘Featured Agencies
 Highlighted listing on all applicable search categories with ‘Featured‘ sticker
 Top ranking result positions for every search category, location and industry sector applicable to your agency. On rotation.
 Video embedded into your listing (optional)
 HTML link in listing description copy (optional)
 Featured position (with logo) at top of our List of UK Travel Management Companies (one of our most popular landing pages)
✓ Add introductory promotion for new clients in Deals section (optional)
✓ Be considered for TMC Finder Consultation shortlists
 Higher click-through conversion from listing views to external websites (Avg. 57.5%)



How much is a featured listing:

The cost for a featured listing on TMC Finder is £145 (+VAT) per year.

How long is the featured listing valid for?

Your Featured Listing is valid for 12 months.

How does the ranking work?

Featured Listings are automatically rotated every few days and will all be consistently at/near the top of all search results.